Our Innovation program is a hands-on Innovation WorkShop. It includes concepts, numerous case studies from a wide variety of industries, and exercises where the participants put into practice concepts learned to generate true innovations for your organization.

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About us

TIW started operations in 2000 as an Innovation and Creativity Training Company. We were previously active in Quality and continuous improvement. The founders have had academic and practical experience, having published in 1992 the book “Quality Culture for the North American Free Trade Agreement” and worked for 20 years in the field.

After having developed our first innovation model we tested it and refined it in seminars and workshops during the next four years. Hundreds of executives from a wide variety of industries took our training. Participants came from a variety of functional departments including R&D, Planning, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Human Resources.

In December of 2004 we converted our workshop into an e-learning course to be presented alongside our live seminars. We tested it in 2005 and started developing and refining the TIW methodology for innovation based internet training, guided  workshops and implementation of real innovations for our clients.
In March of 2006 we received the copyright of our work “Generating Breakthrough Ideas: How to Recognize and Seize Opportunities for Disruptive Innovation”. This came after analyzing hundreds of innovations where we identified the circumstances as well as the causes that triggered such innovations.

As we proceeded with our training programs we found that our knowledge of New Technologies was an indisputable aspect of our effectiveness for creating innovations for our customers. However we noticed time and again that the members of our client companies had little grasp of new technologies and this prevented them finding innovation opportunities to be seized using new technologies. Since 2005 we started forming a database with new technologies that, based in our experience, could be used in a variety of industries.

In 2011 we developed the TECHBOX Technology, which is a system with a friendly user interface for making our New Technologies database easily accessible. The TECHBOX is ready to be used by our clients and contains more than 150 New Technologies to choose from. These new technologies can be utilized in a variety of businesses to solve concrete business problems.

Also, as we are convinced that both innovative ability and personal productivity increase with creativity, we have developed a training program with computer and gadgets apps in order to support, guide and help acquire our creativity methodology for problem solving.
As of 2012 we have contracts to serve more than 50 companies over the next two years.

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