Brewing Industry

“I recommend the firm The Innovation Way, for training in innovation in enterprises. We received their services of Innovation in our company for a group of 25 employees. As a result, said group presented more than 40 innovation projects, 10 of them were selected for implementation in Fast Track, one of them is already implemented, four are in the process of implementation and the rest are going to be implemented next year.
We estimate that, once implemented, said innovations will have an economic benefit to our Company of over                $2 million/ year.
They master the subject of Innovation, the methodology used for our training was practical and effective.
It is clear that now we do not stop in front of a difficult problem, as the training we received help us to solve it.
I am therefore writing this recommendation letter in favor of The Innovation Way based in the tangible results we have obtained and the attitude of our trained employees towards innovation.”

Carlos Cantú
Management of Change and Innovation.
Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma