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Liquor Industry

     “We hereby are glad to recommend the repository of New Technologies “TechBox”.
     We have seen the practical benefits of said repository of new technologies in our firm during a project we contracted with The Innovation Way. In said project, through the use of the prototype of the mentioned repository, Mr. Hector Vela recommended to our Company new technologies of relative low investment and high impact for the competitiveness of CASA CUERVO.
      We are sure that the impact of the new technologies in CASA CUERVO would have a much greater potential if our employees would have direct access to said repository of technologies. Evidently the quotient benefit/cost would be extremely high.
     We are sure that the investment in said project will help detonate innovation in big Companies like ours, but especially in small and medium size companies.”                                                                             
                                                                                         David Loya
                                                                     General Director of Agribusiness
                                                                                     Casa Cuervo



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